How to Pressure Wash your Car Like a Pro

Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by Mark Johnson


Pressure washing a car is a great way of returning the vehicle’s gloss and making it look as good as new. Cars generally needs appropriate washing in order to retain its glow and its top condition. Pressure washing is also an excellent option to maintain your car’s amazing look for many years.

It cannot be denied that cleaning the car manually with detergent and water can be tiring and time consuming task. Making use of pressure washer is proven to be the best available and reliable method t0 complete the car cleaning task effectively and quickly. Pressure washers commonly use the water basting principle wherein users will be spraying water under high speed or high pressure to eliminate grime or dirt. The best pressure washer can just take only about 1/3 of the time needed to manually clean a car.

Preparation before Pressure Washing your Car

Before you start the job, you first need to park your car away from your garage or house as much as possible. You surely do not want to cause damage to your garage walls or outside your house with a pressure washer. Preparing your car prior to pressure washing is good because this ensures smooth and satisfying cleaning results. If the car you are planning to pressure wash has scratches, you need to first cover the damage areas with tapes to avoid water from exposed part of the metal and rusting this from the inside.

Steps on How to Pressure Wash your Car

  • Rinse the top layer of grime and grit off

If you are using a pressure wash machine with variable jet sprays, then you will need to adjust the spray to about 5 to 8 centimeters wide.

  • Apply Detergent

The next step to take when pressure washing your car is applying detergent. Set the nozzle of your pressure washer to widest yet least powerful setting or remove this altogether. This is to coat the car in layers of detergent. Let this step works on its magic for some few moments however do not let this dry or else you will end up with blemishes that need to be buffed later.

  • Loosen Stubborn Grease and Dirt

Here, you can use detachable car brush in order to get the job done quicker. If you are using the same brush to clean the wheel arches and the wheels, make sure to rinse the car brush thoroughly at least once to ensure that all the grit is removed.

  • Pressure Wash your Car Off with the Help of High-Pressure Jet Setting

Using lightly stronger setting is advised for glass areas and paints. If you lack variable nozzle to be able to adjust the spray’s width and variable nozzle, then you can stay away from your car in about one meter distance help in making individuals safe and free from damages.

With the right steps that you will take when pressure washing your, you will surely obtain the best cleaning results that you need.