How to Winterize Your Pressure Washer Like a Pro

Storing your gas or electric pressure washer properly is not only essential to keep the warranty valid, but is also important in order to protect the seals of your washer by keeping them lubricated when not in use. Plus, if you’re not planning to use your pressure washer for at least 30 days, you really have to winterize it to keep the engine intact for your next use.

Winterizing your pressure washer depends on what kind of washer you have.

Let’s start with the gas pressure washer:

Winterize Your Gas Pressure Washer Like a Pro:

  1. Prepare a fuel stabilizer.

  2. The second step is to add that fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

  3. Turn the pressure washer on for about two minutes to allow the stabilizer to spread through the system. Then turn it off.

  4. Now you have to remove the cleaning solution and water from the pump system. To do that, you need to hook your garden hose to your pressure washer like what you usually do.

  5. Place the detergent feed tube in a bucket full of clean tap water rather than the detergent tank.

  6. Turn on the pressure washer and pull the trigger with the low pressure nozzle. Like what you did earlier, let it run for a fee minutes as well. This will allow it to clean out the soap from the system.

  7. Turn the pressure washer and remove the hose from the inlet of the pump. Then pull the trigger so the water can be removed from the system.

  8. The next thing is to add an anti-freeze “Pump Saver” to the pump inlet. Do this if you think the temperature will drop to freezing. After all, you would want to protect the pump from cold temperature and mineral deposits.

Here’s How to Winterize Your Electric Pressure Washer Like a Pro:

  1. This type of pressure washer obviously has no gasoline engine. So you have to sort out the system for storage. To do that, first fill a bucket with tap water and put the detergent suction hose in it.

  2. Affix the garden hose and turn on the tap.

  3. Next, turn on the pressure water. Hold the gun and let it spray water for about two minutes. Doing this will remove the detergent solution from the system.

  4. Disconnect the garden hose and pull the gun once more to clear the water from the system.

  5. Keep your pressure washer indoors. Make sure it’s in a warm place so it won’t freeze and the internal seals won’t get damaged. Also, it’s advisable to add an antifreeze to the pump inlet as protection for the inner seals.

There you have it! The steps are easy to follow and won’t even take long. Who said you needed to hire someone else to do it? Show him this blog and let him know you can do it like a pro!

  • Updated April 30, 2017
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