Sun Joe SPX 3000 Pressure Washer Review

Review of Sun Joe SPX 3000

Editor Rating: 5.0/5

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This is a fun tool! The question isn’t what CAN you clean with this, but instead, what CAN’T you clean with it? Driveways, brick walkways, vinyl siding, garden planters, decks, patios, wood fencing, BBQs, wood siding, cars, trucks, motorcycles – all of them can be tamed into cleanliness with this electric power washer. (But resist the temptation to point it at dirty children who refuse to bathe – it comes out with enough pressure to literally rip the skin right off your body.)

Homeowners are in love with their Sun Joe PSX 3000 electric power washers. Once they get started, they are walking around their homes – and their neighbors’ homes – looking for stuff to clean. It’s powerful, quiet, easy to use, and its performance rivals that of the louder, dirtier gas-powered models.

Sun Joe is committed to making your outdoor chores easier and the tools you need to tackle them more affordable. They provide responsive customer service and promptly replace defective units, so we’d be happy to purchase from them.

Sun Joe SPX 3000 Electric Pressure Washer – A Quick Look

  • Quieter and lighter than gas-powered pressure washers
  • Effective even without soap
  • Powerful yet still portable
  • Convenient onboard storage for all 5 nozzles
  • Easy to assemble
  • You’ll probably need extra hose
  • You’ll want to use an extension cord, but you’re not supposed to with pressure washers
  • Powerful enough to remove paint and other finishes – beware


Working/Max PSI: 1450/2030
Gallons per minute: 1.76
Power: 14.5 amps/1,800 watts
Tanks: Two .9-liter removeable
Nozzles: 5 included (0, 15, 25, and 40 degree, plus soap, and each one a different color)
Hose length: 20 feet
Cord length: 35 feet
Garden hose adaptable?: Yes
Max wand length: 34 inches
Dimensions: 16x34x14 inches
Weight: 31 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years

Sun Joe SPX 3000 washing floor

Gets Rid of the Grime

This pressure washer really gets the job done. Lots of users report it doing as well as their gas pressure washers (and with much less hassle, stink, and noise). People are pleasantly surprised at how strong the spray is and at how effective it is at removing years’ worth of dirt, gunk, and mold from almost any surface you can think of, even without using soap. Of course, no tool is perfect – and there are some complaints about this one – but virtually none of them are related to lack of performance.

On the other hand, you’ll have to be careful where you aim this. It will take off paint – which is great if you were planning to repaint but may be more than you bargained for.

cleaning chair

Well-designed and easy-to-use

The SPX 3000 does require a few minutes of assembly when it arrives, but this is minor and straightforward. You should be up and running in 15-20 minutes and all you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Once you’ve attached the hose and plugged it in, you’re ready to begin spraying.

At 31 lbs. and on wheels, the unit is lightweight enough to pull around behind you without over-exerting yourself. People throw it in the car and take to their parents’ house to clean there, and people operate them from ladders.

The 5 included nozzles are color-coded and stored on the unit, so you don’t lose them, and are easy to switch on and off so you can readily experiment with different sprays. The unit itself even comes in four color choices. This has nothing to do with performance, obviously, but is a fun and quirky design detail.

And when you’re done for the day, store it in a warm, dry place and it will be ready for you the next time you want to use it. Overall, it’s a well-designed, well-executed tool.

Above and beyond customer service

You can’t assume every company will provide great service anymore, so we feel it’s worth mentioning the high praise Sun Joe receives from its happy customers. Get a lemon? They’ll send you another. Connector not cooperating? They’ll send you a new one. They stand by the machine, with real humans answering the phone and crafting custom solutions for whatever your issue is.


If you were to hire someone to do all the cleaning you can do with this yourself, you could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you bought a gas-powered model, you’d spend significantly more. But at the price Sun Joe is offering the SPX 3000, it will save you heaps on money in the long run, making it a serious bargain.

But if we could change one thing . . .

We’d love to see this tool sold with the quick-connector adapter. The majority of the admittedly small pool of complaints stem from people who struggle to make a water-tight connection (or any connection) between the hose and the unit. The happiest users have run out and bought the adapter and never looked back.

In Sun Joe’s defense, the connections used to be made of plastic, and after consumer complaints, they changed them to metal. That has made the issue better but not entirely resolved it.

Sun Joe SPX 3000 spraying wood


Why can’t I use an extension cord? I can’t reach all the way around my car/hose/fence line.
Users are discouraged from using an extension cord with this tool because it can be unsafe to do so. Remember, you’re mixing electricity and water – there’s a real risk of shock and even electrocution. And you also run the risk of burning out the motor. Check with Sun Joe directly for the specifics about proper extension cord use.

Can I use it with a foam cannon to wash my car?
Yes. Users report much success and satisfaction using the SPX 3000 in this way.

Can I just use household dish soap in the soap dispenser?
No. You should use a cleaner designed for use in pressure washers. Many users report excellent results without using any soap at all, so you might try that before buying any additional soap.


The Sun Joe SPX 3000 Electric Pressure Washer is a fantastic tool at a steal of a price.  It universally exceeded user expectations.  Any tool that causes people to wander around looking for ways to use it?  There’s no higher praise than that.  If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a pressure washer, it’s time to pull the trigger.

  • Updated November 22, 2018
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