How to Use a Pressure Washer Properly

Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by Mark Johnson


How does a pressure washer work? This has become a common question among many individuals today. For some, pressure washer is not much of an investment but many still see and appreciate its significance at home or in places of business. Pressure washers are reliable and fun to use and these deliver quick and dramatic results. With top quality and efficient pressure washers, individual can now clean their cars, sidings and driveways with ease.

Pressure washers, also known as power washers are mechanical high-pressure sprayers used in removing grime, mold, dirt, paint and mold from surfaces and different types of objects like vehicles, buildings and concrete surfaces. Volume of a pressure washer is usually expressed in liters or gallons per minute and often designed to the pump not variable.

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

The easiest way to learn how to use pressure washers is to first clearly understand how pressure washing system works. There are actually four standard elements of power or pressure washing procedure regardless of the method or machine used. These four essential elements are water flow rate, cleaning solution, heat and pressure.

If you take any of these elements, cleaning characteristics definitely change. Taking for instance if you can afford cold water pressure washer or the hot water power washer, you will need to compensate for the loss. This simply means that basics about pressure washes would tell you that you might need to add more chemicals, utilize more water, make adjustments and more in order to obtain the best  cleaning atmosphere for certain jobs.

The following is a basic summary on how pressure washer commonly works:

  • The detergent flows in from the container or bottle through a single hose.
  • The cold water flows in coming from the faucet via another hose. The water is being filtered as it moves in.
  • Diesel engine or electric motor typically powers the pressure washer.
  • Powered by diesel or motor engine, the impeller or the water pump draws the water and the detergent then mixes them altogether. Most pressure washers can also heat water to a temperature of about 50 to 70 degrees.
  • The pump will then squirt the soapy hot water through high pressure and reinforced exit hose. Narrow nozzles in these attachments help in increasing the water jet’s pressure even more. You can also read more about how to choose the perfect pressure washer for your needs.

Guide when Using Pressure Washer

When using a pressure washer, you need to start the device properly. Make sure that you clean the debris from inlet filter, connect the needed accessories and run the water through the washer to prime the pressure washer system and eliminate air. You now need to squeeze the wand trigger in order to bleed the water pressure then pull the cord to start the engine. You also need to make sure that your water resource can provide enough galloons every minute clearly specified for your pressure washer. The best pressure cleaning results will somehow depend on the way you use the power or pressure washer so be guided accordingly.