Electric vs. Gas Pressure Washers: Which To Choose?

Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by Mark Johnson


Electric vs. gas pressure washer, which pressure washer is best to buy? Many individuals have been in the same dilemma of experiencing confusion as to what type of pressure washer to choose. While both might look exactly the same thing, electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer somehow functions differently. If you wish to learn more about electric vs. gas pressure washer, read on as this article will reveal further information to elevate your awareness.

Power Ratings

When speaking about power ratings, electric pressure washer have upper limit of usually about 2000 PSI. This means that this unit has limited power however, can function on its intended purpose. On the other hand, gas powered pressure washer, even the most affordable unit can beat the PSI amount that majority of electric washer offer. With gas powered pressure washer, you can expect this unit to deliver more.

Water Flow Rating

When it comes to water flow rating, the gas powered units again have upper hand on this category. Electric pressure washer might be hard to press and deliver less than the gas pressure washers. The gas powered pressure washer then to deliver more than 1.5 GPM though there are quite a few units that deliver the same. In most instances, gas pressure washer actually churns out 2.5 GPM or even more. This also features strong engine, heavy duty and functional pumps and brass parts that can efficiently handle massive flow of water.


If you are looking for power user which is great for indoor use, the electric power washers are good options because the gas counterparts can be harmful for these produce fumes. However, these are highly preferred by individuals looking for a pressure washer for outdoor use.

The electric pressure washer has edge in terms of weight, dimensions, ease of use and maintenance. This is light, small and simple to use. However, there is one limiting factor in terms of its portability and that is the fact that electric pressure washer needs to be hooked up to an electricity source.

The gas powered pressure washer is said to be more durable so individuals do not need to worry about replacing stuff more often. This is more durable and stable but you will be required to change the air and oil filter.

Sources of Power

Sources of power are one of the common factors tackled when talking about electric vs. gas pressure washer. Gas pressure washer uses kerosene or diesel to heat up the water and the electric units on the other hand use electricity to power itself.

Obviously, individuals somehow get confused or maybe overwhelmed when talking about electric vs. gas pressure washer but overall, it cannot be denied that both types of pressure washers have their significant value and unique sets of benefits to offer to individuals. These can be used indoors or outdoors and have the power to make cleaning task a breeze. Cleaning jobs can now be best performed with the help of the right type of pressure washer.

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